Permanent Make Up

If you would like more definition of your brows, you will love this procedure and the time you will save by not having to apply eyebrow pencil on a daily basis. You will be able go swimming, play sports without worrying about your pencilled eyebrows smudging or running.

If you have little or no brow hair, for whatever reason, permanent make-up procedure can make an amazing difference. The hair stroke or powdered technique can both appear very natural.

Methods used:
Hair Stroke Simulation (microblading)
Powdered Effect
Powdered with Hair Simulation

Procedure perfect for:

  • Overplucked or uneven
  • Too light or fair, patchy or balding
  • Broken by scarring or surgically damaged
  • Hair loss, due to alopecia or chemotherapy

If you wish to know more about this procedure, or if you have any questions contact me today

The treatment will take up to two hours, depending on what you require. The treatment starts with a detailed consultation where you select your desired colours and definitions. Careful measurements are then taken and guiding curves are drawn onto the eyebrow area before the treatment begins. When the client is satisfied with the colours and definitions selected, permanent make-up technology is applied.

If you find the procedure painful anaesthetic creams can be applied prior to and throughout treatment to keep any discomfort to a minimum. However many people do not find the procedure painful, perhaps just a little uncomfortable.

There is the chance of slight swelling or redness on the area and will also appear darker and more exact immediately after the treatment, but will lighten and soften over a few days.

Depending on skin type and lifestyle, permanent makeup can last for several years to a decade. Over that time the colour will fade and break down, therefore it’s suggested you return between every 18 months to two years for a top up procedure, to keep the look complete and fresh.

Please note :-  A skin patch test will be required no later than 48 hours before your treatment can take place. This can be done anytime but preferable at your first consultation.

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