Permanent  makeup FAQ’s

Q1  Does it hurt?

No it shouldn’t hurt we use topical numbing cream. The first pass can feel a bit like having your eyebrows plucked but most of my clients say they don’t feel anything. Once the skin has been broken more numbing cream is applied and your brows will be numb until the end of treatment.

Q2  How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes up to 2 hours but this isn’t all tattooing, this is made up of your final consultation, filling out your forms, waiting for numbing cream to take effect, mixing your pigment, drawing on your new brow template and then tattoing during this time you have plenty time to ask more questions.

Q3  Will I have an allergic reaction to the pigment?

Before any treatment takes place a skin patch test will be required and this must be conducted at least 48 hour prior to your treatment, this will test you reaction to pigment, numbing cream, aftercare cream, and surgical gloves as these are all the main components that are used during the procedure.

Q4 Will it scab?

Some scabbing can occur everyone is different so some people scab more than others. As long as you follow your aftercare, then scabbing shouldn’t be a problem it is all part of the healing process.

Q5 Will it bruise or swell?

No you shouldn’t bruise but there could be slight swelling but this is normal and should settle down in a few hours.

Q6 What shapes can I have?

We shape to what best complements your face structure. You and your technician can decide on shape and this can be adjusted until you are happy. We will not start tattooing until you are 100% happy with the shape and colour that you have chosen.

Q7 What colours can I have?

We mix different shades of pigment to match your skin tone, hair and brow colour so you can have blonde right up to almost black. We don’t use pure black as this will always fade to blue, but we can mix black in with dark drown.

Q8 Can I go lighter or darker?

The colour you go all depends on the pigments used and your skin tone and also your hair colouring. You and your technician can decide what colour to go, we recommend to go very natural as trends change all the time.

Q9 Will I need to shave off my eyebrows?

No you don’t shave off your eyebrows and neither do we. We use your natural hair to make the permanent make up blend into your brows to make them look natural.

Q10 Are there different techniques?

Yes there are many techniques used and different techniques give different looks, this will be discussed and explained in your consultation different techniques suit different people.

Q11 Do I need them touching up?

To keep them looking nice and fresh we recommend topping up your colour anything from 1-2 years.

Q12 How long will it last?

After about 2 years you will still have a blush of colour just like a very light powder effect, this can remain for many years but most clients return after 2 years to have a colour boost to keep them looking fresh.

Q13 If I have had them before can you re apply?

Yes. A consultation will be required to see what technique will be used and if anything needs correcting.

Q14 Can you correct previous technicians work?

Yes this is possible but not in all cases, so a full consultation will be require to see if this is possible. We do reserve the right to refuse to work on previous technicians work.

Q15 Do I need aftercare and for how long?

Yes you will receive an after care pack with everything you need to look after your brows for duration of the healing process.

Q16 Can I return back to work right away.

Yes you can. We recommend wearing lipstick can detract from your freshly tattooed eyebrows.

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